How Do You Make Lips Look Fuller?

make-lips-look-fuller Credit: Zero Creatives/Cultura/Getty Images

To make lips look fuller, exfoliate them, line the bottom lip with brown eyeliner, highlight the upper lip with white eyeliner, fill in the lips with lip liner, and apply matching lipstick. This 5-minute process requires a baby toothbrush, brown eyeliner, white eyeliner, glossy lipstick and matching lip liner.

  1. Exfoliate the lips

    Wet a baby toothbrush, and rub it over both lips.

  2. Line the lower lip

    Use a light brown eyeliner pencil to draw a very thin line beneath the middle of the bottom lip. Make the line progressively thinner and lighter as you move the pencil toward the corners of the mouth. Rub the line gently with a fingertip until it is almost imperceptible, and appears to be a shadow cast by the lower lip.

  3. Line the upper lip

    Run a white eyeliner pencil over the middle of the upper lip. Use light pressure, and do not extend the line to the corners of the mouth. Dab the eyeliner with your finger to soften the edges.

  4. Fill in the lips with lip liner

    Fill in both lips with a lip pencil. This amplifies the color of the lipstick and increases its staying power.

  5. Apply glossy lipstick

    Swipe glossy lipstick over both lips.