How Do You Make Lip Scrub?


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A lip scrub can be made using an exfoliating ingredient, such as sugar and a moisturizing agent, such as honey. Lip scrubs can also be made with petroleum jelly.

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How Do You Make Lip Scrub?
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To make a lip scrub using sugar and honey, mix a tablespoon of raw, preferably organic cane sugar and a tablespoon of organic honey. This lip scrub can be applied using a cotton swab or a brush with gentle bristles. Rub the scrub on the lips to help exfoliate and remove flakiness. Once the sugar has dissolved, the scrub can be removed.

To make an at-home lip scrub with petroleum jelly, mix 1/8 teaspoon of petroleum jelly with sugar and apply it to the lips. This scrub also helps to prepare the lips for any lip products that need to be applied afterwards, such as lipstick. It provides an even surface for lip color application and makes lips smoother. The petroleum jelly scrub can be used once a week.

Lip scrubs are especially helpful after wearing intense colored lipsticks for long periods of time. The lips usually feel dry after a long wear, losing their plumpness and shine, and can look dull and unattractive. For convenience, the lip scrub can be applied on the weekends or during a break when lipstick or lip color is not used.

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