How Do You Make Lip Gloss?

make-lip-gloss Credit: Annie Engel/Cultura/Getty Images

To make lip gloss, mix a teaspoon of petroleum jelly with a little blush for color, some mineral eye shadow for shimmer and a drop of essential oil for flavor. Store in a small tub or an empty lip gloss container.

  1. Put petroleum jelly in a small bowl

    Measure 1 teaspoon of petroleum jelly, and place it in a bowl big enough for mixing.

  2. Add blush

    Select the desired shade of blush for the lip gloss, and mix a small amount into the petroleum jelly. Add more until the shade is the right intensity. Cream, gel and powder blushes all work well.

  3. Add mineral eye shadow

    Mineral eye shadow contains mica, which adds shimmer to the gloss. Add a small amount in a neutral shade to the mixture, and blend it well.

  4. Add essential oil

    Essential oil adds scent and flavor to the mixture. Add one drop of a suitable flavor, such as mint, lemon or vanilla.

  5. Fine tune the ingredients

    Test the lip gloss, and adjust the ingredients until it is the right shade, shimmer and scent.

  6. Store the lip gloss

    Transfer the mixture to a small tub or an empty lip gloss container. Apply with your finger, a cotton swab or a lipstick brush.