How Do You Make Lavender Oil?


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Making lavender oil requires setting up a simple distillery to steam distill the plant, catch the steam and condense the steam into a liquid. This method requires a pressure cooker and several meters of copper tubing. Gather the lavender into the pressure cooker with water, and connect the top of the pressure cooker to a receiving bowl using the copper tubing. Place the pressure cooker on a stove top, and cook, collecting the distillate in the receiving bowl.

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Another less potent method of making lavender oil is instead making a lavender tincture or extract. Bruise the lavender buds in a bowl to release the oil, and cover these buds with grain alcohol or vodka. Transfer this mixture to a jar with a tight lid, and shake this jar several times a day for several days.

Strain out the liquid from this jar, and let the strained liquid sit in a jar covered by a coffee filter for a week. This allows the alcohol to evaporate and just leaves the lavender extract (also called a tincture) in the jar. If the liquid is cloudy, strain it using a coffee filter or cheese cloth. Store the extract in a dark glass bottle.

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