How Do You Make a Headband?

How Do You Make a Headband?

To make a headband, cut a sleeve off of a T-shirt and strategically place holes in the sleeve. Weave a piece of ribbon through the holes, put the sleeve on your head, and tie the ribbon.

  1. Gather your materials

    Gather the necessary materials. You need a short sleeved T-shirt, a pair of scissors and a 30-inch piece of ribbon. A grommet punch is optional in order to make the task easier, but a good pair of scissors is sufficient.

  2. Cut the arm off of a T-shirt

    Turn the t-shirt inside out. Carefully cut the sleeve off on the outer side of the seam.

  3. Cut holes in the material

    Using the scissors, or the grommet punch, place lacing holes around the entire sleeve. Cut the holes 2 to 3 inches apart around the center of the sleeve.

  4. Weave a ribbon through the holes

    Starting at the bottom of the sleeve, weave the ribbon through the two bottom holes. Continue to weave the ribbon up the sides of the sleeve until you reach the top.

  5. Place the sleeve on your head

    Place the sleeve on your head and arrange it into a position where the ribbon is where you want the bow to be. Tie the bow and trim off an excess ribbon.