How Do You Make Harem Pants?

How Do You Make Harem Pants?

Make your own harem pants by calculating the correct measurements, drafting a pattern, and constructing the pants out of fabric and elastic. The materials needed include fabric, elastic, measuring tape, pins, pattern paper and a safety pin.

  1. Make your measurements

    Tie 1/2 inch of elastic around your abdomen to determine where on your hips you want to wear the belt. Once you find your belt line, measure the length between that and the floor. Next, measure the largest part of your hip and the largest portion of your thigh. To measure crotch depth, sit on a chair and measure from your belt line to the chair. You may add up to 2 inches to the crotch depth to make your pants breathable.

  2. Create a pattern

    To draft a pattern, use a rectangular paper that equals the measurement of your pants length, plus 2 inches for ankle blousing and 1 1/2 inches for hip casing. Depending on how loose or slim you want the pants, add 6 to 12 inches to the hip measurement and 4 to 5 inches to the thigh measurement.

  3. Construct the pants

    Pin the pattern to the fabric. Cut it out, and sew the center seams, followed by the inseams. Finish the edges and casings while leaving a small opening for elastic. Finally, thread the elastic through the casings using a safety pin. Put on the pants, make proper adjustments, and sew the elastic shut.