How Do You Make a Hairstyle Like Giselle in "Enchanted"?

How Do You Make a Hairstyle Like Giselle in "Enchanted"?

Styling hair like Giselle in "Enchanted" involves curling all the hair, teasing the crown, smoothing the front, pinning the sides up, creating loops and decorating your hair with flowers. Styling takes roughly 45 minutes and requires hair spray, a curling iron, bobby pins, a teasing comb, a hair clip and flowers. Mousse or gel may also be needed.

  1. Wash your hair the day before

    Up-do hairstyles work best on hair that was washed the previous day. If hair is freshly washed, add mousse or gel for texture and hold.

  2. Prepare the hair

    If the hair is fine and straight, spray texturizing hairspray through the layers. If the hair is thick and/or curly, use a hair oil or balm to settle the strands.

  3. Curl the hair

    Part the hair into 2-inch-wide sections, securing the remaining hair with a clip. Starting at the nape of the neck, use a wide-barrel curling iron to curl your hair strands. Alternate the direction you hold the curling iron so the curls fall in different directions. Keep working through sections until all of your hair is curled. Mist the curls with hair spray.

  4. Tease the crown

    Use the teasing comb to tease the hair right at the crown.

  5. Pin the sides back

    Smooth the top layer of hair that you teased. Use hair spray to tame the loose hairs. Part the hair on the side. Draw the thinner side back, and pin it loosely with two bobby pins crossed over each other. Separate the hair on the thicker side. Pin the back loosely, making a cross with the bobby pins. Make sure the last section of hair covers the bobby pins already in the hair as you pull it back and pin it.

  6. Loop the hair

    The hair below the crown should not be secured with pins. Pick up one curl, and loop it over your finger. Pin it to the crown. It should resemble the number six. Do this with six loops overlapping each other. The hair below should fall free in the original curl.

  7. Pin the flowers

    Either use hair flowers or florist's flowers and bobby pins. Pin one large flower on each side of the head. The flowers should cover the bobby pins.