How Do You Make Hairbows?

How Do You Make Hairbows?

To make a basic hair bow, cut a piece of ribbon to the specific length for your desired bow size. Next, mark the middle of the ribbon, line up the ends, create loops and tie embroidery floss around the center.

  1. Collect your materials

    The tools needed to make a hair bow usually include ribbon, a lighter, embroidery floss and a jumbo salon clip. Cut the ribbon to fit your desired bow size. A 4-inch bow usually requires 28 inches of ribbon, while a 3.5-inch bow uses 22.5 inches. Next, use the lighter to seal the ends.

  2. Create a figure eight

    With a pen or pencil, mark the middle of the ribbon. Next, take one end of the ribbon, and place it on top of the mark. Do the same with the other end. This should look like a figure eight. If you desire to leave tails, set the desired length past the center mark.

  3. Split the loops

    Take the center of the top loop, and bring it down to the middle cross area. Repeat with the bottom loop.

  4. Tie the bow with floss

    Use a jumbo salon clip with an open middle to fasten the bow in place. Next, wrap the embroidery floss around the center twice, and pull it tight. Finally, knot the center.