How Do You Make Your Hair Straight?

An individual can straighten her hair by using hair products that have smoothing oils, buying a quality blow dryer, using a flat iron the right way and learning an effective blow drying technique. It's also effective to wrap the hair up in a satin scarf before bed.

Preparing the hair to become straight sets a foundation and helps the hair to transition easier. Argan and other smoothing oils help tame and soften wild tangles of hair. A person who regularly straightens her hair should treat it with a deep conditioner at least once a week. This helps to repair and prevent damaged hair.

Ionic blow dryers are recommend for straight hair because the keep moisture in the hair rather than evaporate it. Another advantage of using ionic blow dryers is they work faster than traditional dryers. While they cost more than other dryers, they leave hair looking and feeling better. A nozzle should also be used at the end of the dryer to keep the hair protected from direct heat. When flat ironing the hair, it's best to do so in single inch sections in order to keep from having to go over strands of hair more than necessary, which can lead to damage. It's also best to use a product that keeps the hair safe from the heated tools.