How Do You Make Hair Softer?

How Do You Make Hair Softer?

To make your hair softer, use clarifying shampoo, use conditioner that matches your hair type, regularly apply hair oil and use a smoothing serum. Use blow dry spray, as well as the correct type of brush and hair dryer.

  1. Use clarifying shampoo

    Use a clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of build-up and impurities. Be sure to scrub real good and rinse the shampoo completely.

  2. Use conditioner

    After each shampooing, use a hair conditioner that caters to the type of hair you have. Be sure to rinse it out completely to avoid having greasy or flat hair.

  3. Apply hair oil

    Apply hair oil from the tips to the scalp after every shampoo and conditioning. Concentrate more on the tips and use less oil as you near the scalp. Do not apply the oil to your scalp if you have hair that has a tendency to be greasy or oily.

  4. Use smoothing serum

    After you comb your hair and it partially dries, use a little bit of smoothing serum to tame any frizz. Rub a small amount of serum between the palms of your hands, and work it into your hair.

  5. Use blow dry spray

    After using the smoothing serum, use blow dry spray to increase softness and shine.

  6. Use the right styling tools

    Always use a ceramic brush and a salon-quality hair dryer.