How Do You Make Your Hair Soft?


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Strategies for getting soft hair at home include conditioning frequently, rinsing in cool water, using conditioning serums, trimming hair and eating a healthy diet. Protecting hair from damaging elements such as heat and chemicals also keeps hair soft.

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A conditioner designed for the specific type of hair, such as dry or curly, provides nourishing moisture to the hair and scalp. Rinsing out conditioner completely is the key to avoiding limp or greasy hair after washing and conditioning. Using hot water when rinsing conditioner out sucks moisture out of hair, so turning the water temperature toward the cooler side helps preserve moisture. Some people prefer to use leave-in conditioners to provide continued moisture.

Heat from styling tools also zaps the moisture from hair. One way to avoid damage is to use a moisturizing serum or cream that also provides heat protection. Another tip is to use the lowest heat setting on tools such as curling irons and straightening irons. Limiting the use of high-heat tools also helps keep hair soft.

Regular hair cuts remove the dried ends of the hair that can diminish overall softness. For people who want to grow their hair longer, small trims are still necessary to keep hair soft. A healthy diet full of nutrients can also help protect the hair from the inside out.

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