How Do You Make Your Hair Look Longer?


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Make your hair look longer on a short-term basis by ironing it. For a long-term fix, invest in salon-applied hair extensions. Other techniques that make hair appear longer include teasing it, braiding it or adding hairpieces to a look.

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For a quick fix, experts agree that hot, ironed hair looks longer than it actually is because ironing makes it appear smoother and shinier. Using this technique, people with curly hair tend to see a more significant difference in hair length than people with straight hair. Once the hair is washed or becomes moist, the effects of this technique wear off.

To keep hair looking longer for a longer period, go to a salon, and ask for hair extensions. It takes about an hour and a half to apply hair extensions, and they can last anywhere from four to six months, depending the hair type and the growth of the hair.

Other hair-lengthening techniques include teasing your hair with a comb and tying it up into a bun on your head to create the look of longer hair. Purchase synthetic hair, and braid it into your existing hair, or add clip-in extensions. Incorporate single or multiple hairpieces into your hairstyle for longer-looking hair.

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