How Do You Make Your Hair Look Less Greasy?

How Do You Make Your Hair Look Less Greasy?

To reduce the appearance of greasiness in your hair, use dry shampoo products in between washings and wash your hair less frequently. Frequent washing causes scalp glands to overproduce oil, which causes hair to become even more greasy.

  1. Cut down on washing

    Although it seems contrary to logic, washing greasy hair too often causes more oiliness. Frequent washing strips the scalp of oil, which sends a signal to oil-producing glands to make more oil to protect the scalp. To avoid this, wash your hair less often. Cut out one wash per week for a month, and then cut out two washes per week.

  2. Use dry shampoo

    There are several dry shampoo products on the market that can reduce the look of greasiness in your hair between washings. If your hair appears oily the day after a shampoo, apply a dry shampoo powder and massage into the hair. This keeps hair looking fresh in between shampoos.

  3. Avoid overheating

    When you rinse your hair of shampoo and conditioner, use tepid or cool water. Hot water causes oil glands to act up. Avoid heat styling and chemical processing where possible, as these practices can overheat the scalp and encourage extra oil production.

  4. Be a styling minimalist

    Avoid over-brushing or using too many styling products on your hair. Manipulating the hair too much can send signals to your scalp to excrete more oil, leading to greasiness. Brush hair only as much as needed to tame it, and keep the use of setting sprays and gels to a minimum.