How Do You Make Hair Color Fade?

Fade hair color with the use of a clarifying shampoo and hot water. Consider a commercial hair color remover to fade or remove natural or dark hair colors.

Hair color is faded by accelerating the natural stripping process. This includes shampooing with a clear, clarifying shampoo in the hottest water that can be tolerated. The clarifying shampoo strips the hair, and the hot water opens the hair follicle, allowing the color to fade sooner. Follow up with a cool water rinse to seal the follicle and reduce frizziness. Incorporate a two-in-one dandruff shampoo into this routine to condition the hair during the fading process, or use a weekly conditioning treatment.

Consider a hair color remover if the color to be faded is a natural hair color and is darker than the original hair color. These treatments are unpredictable, as there is no anticipating what color will result from the hair color removal process. This is also not an option if the hair color is the result of lightening or a nonstandard hair color such as pink or blue.

During the fading process, avoid heat styling tools that will set the hair color in the hair. Visit a hair stylist if needed.