How Do You Make a Green Face Mask?

How Do You Make a Green Face Mask?

How Do You Make a Green Face Mask?

A green face mask is easy to make at home with just few ingredients and can be stored for up to four weeks in an airtight container. The green color comes from green clay, which can be purchased at most health stores or online. Allow up to one hour for preparation and application.

  1. Prepare for the mask by purchasing ingredients

    Make a trip to the nearest health food store and purchase green clay, apricot kernal oil and an essential oil of choice (popular options are palmarosa or lavender). Back home, find a small bowl for mixing, and wash your face to remove any makeup.

  2. Mix ingredients in proper amounts to achieve chosen mask consistency

    A popular mixture recipe combines 1 tablespoon of green clay, 1 teaspoon of apricot kernal oil and 3 drops of your chosen essential oil. Mix the ingredients to create a paste-like mixture that spreads easily.

  3. Apply clay mask to face immediately

    Immediately spread the mixture evenly over your face with your fingers. Avoid your eyes and mouth, and leave the mask to dry to up to 10 minutes. It should harden a bit, but this is normal. After 10 minutes, remove the mask with warm water and a towel.