How Do You Make Glitter Nail Polish?

How Do You Make Glitter Nail Polish?

How Do You Make Glitter Nail Polish?

Making homemade glitter nail polish is easy, affordable and fun. To make and apply your own custom polish, you need solvent-resistant glitter, clear nail polish, a tiny funnel, a toothpick, a base coat and a clear top coat. It takes about five minutes to make one bottle of glitter nail polish.

  1. Prepare the bottle

    Open the bottle of clear polish and set the brush aside. Pour out a little polish to create room for the glitter. Insert the funnel into the bottle.

  2. Add the glitter

    Gently pour the glitter through the funnel. Add as much as you wish, then remove the funnel.

  3. Stir the polish

    Insert the toothpick into the bottle and stir the polish. Remove the toothpick and replace the bottle's cap.

  4. Inspect the glitter content

    Hold the nail polish up to the light to inspect its glitter content. Add more if you wish. Stir the polish after every addition.

  5. Apply the polish

    Glitter nail polish looks best over a colored base coat. Use a white base for light glitter polish and a black base for dark glitter. Apply the base, let it dry for 5 minutes and top it with two coats of your custom glitter polish.

  6. Seal the glitter

    Prevent glitter fallout with a clear top coat. Apply extra along the edges of your nails.