How Do You Make Glitter Hair Spray?


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Add ultra-fine glitter to non-aerosol liquid hair spray in a new spray bottle to make your own glitter hair spray.

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  1. Gather the supplies

    To create your own glitter hair spray, gather a spray bottle, ultra-fine glitter in one or more colors, and a non-aerosol liquid hair spray that has a removable top.

  2. Add hair spray to the new bottle

    Fill the spray bottle most of the way with the hair spray, leaving a little room for the glitter. You may also divide a large bottle of hair spray amongst several smaller spray bottles to create different colors of glitter hairspray.

  3. Add the glitter

    Add glitter to the spray bottle until it resembles a snow globe. The exact amount of glitter varies according to the size of the spray bottle. Use ultra-fine glitter, since it is less likely to clog the nozzle of the spray bottle, but feel free to experiment with other glitter if you have it handy. To save money, you may add the glitter directly to the bottle of hair spray.

  4. Label the bottle

    If creating multiple colors of glitter hair spray or just adding glitter directly to a bottle of hair spray, be sure to add a label to avoid confusion.

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