How Do You Make Girls' Hair Bows?

How Do You Make Girls' Hair Bows?

Personalized girl's hair bows can be created with unique fabrics and decorations. This simple project requires only a few easy steps, such folding the fabric, gathering it in the center, attaching a hair barrette and adding the center piece. Items needed to create bows are fabric, a plain hair barrette, fabric glue, needle and thread, and scissors.

  1. Fold the fabric

    Cut out a rectangle of fabric and fold it into thirds widthwise, with the top fold slightly overlapping the bottom fold. Use fabric glue to attach the bottom and top folds together. Fold the left and right sides of the fabric into the center and glue them down.

  2. Gather fabric

    Gather the fabric to create a bow shape. Using your fingers, scrunch the middle together. Using the needle and thread, stitch this gather point together to secure it in a permanent shape.

  3. Attach the hair barrette

    Cut a small rectangle of fabric for the center of the bow. Fold it into thirds widthwise, and glue the top layer to the bottom. Center the hair barrette on the bow lengthwise. Loop the small piece of fabric through the barrette to secure it to the bow. Sew or glue the piece of fabric together.