How Do You Make Gel Twists on Men?

To make gel twists on men, first wash the hair and towel-dry it; hair should still be damp when the twisting starts. Apply hair gel. Depending on preference, use a rat tail comb to part the hair, or choose hair at random and apply a two-strand twist to each part. Twist each section tightly to achieve a defined curl. To properly set the twists, dry them under a commercial hair dryer.

Hair to be twisted should be around 90-percent wet to prevent breakage and produce the most defined curls. To make the gel twist last longer, mix the hair gel with either shea or mango butter before applying.

To apply a two-strand twist, take two pieces of hair, and twist them around each other. The twist should be applied in the same direction with even tension the entire way to the end of the strand. At the bottom of the strand, apply pressure to the hair, and release it slowly. The twist loosens slightly and settles. Natural curly hair has the ability to hold itself in place; straight or relaxed hair may need the help of oil or a holding gel to stay together.

To maintain a gel twist and deter frizzing, avoid moisturizers and humectants. Additionally, men with longer hair should separate their twists into 10 to 12 sections and cover them with a satin bonnet to protect the hairstyle while sleeping.