How Do You Make a Four-Strand Round Braid?


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The four-strand round braid is created by weaving four strands of string or rope together in a repeated pattern. It is the simplest type of round braid and is commonly used to create dog leashes, slings and many other useful items. This type of braid can also be done with hair.

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To begin the braid, take two strands of string or rope in each hand. Take the far right strand and pass it under the middle right strand and the middle left strand. Then, pass it up between the two left strands and into your right hand, putting it in the middle right position. Then mirror this step with the far left strand by passing it under the middle left and middle right strands and up between the two strands in the right hand. Then, put it back in your left hand in the middle left position. Continue this alternating between the far right and far left strands until the braid is the desired length.

To create a color spiral pattern in the braid, try beginning with two light colors in each outside position and two dark colors in each inside position. To create a linear strip pattern on the braid, begin with holding two of one light color in one hand and two of one dark color in the other hand.

When performed on hair, simply pin the upper ends of four strands of hair securely and follow the same pattern that would be used with string. Then, simply secure the finished braid with a hair elastic.

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