How Do You Make a Four-Strand Braid?

How Do You Make a Four-Strand Braid?

Make a four-strand braid by weaving the fourth strand of hair down the center of the braid. This simple process, which takes only a few minutes, requires only hair and two hands to complete.

  1. Divide the hair into four pieces

    Grab a section of hair that is about 3-inches in diameter. Divide it into four equal parts. Arrange the four parts so that they are in a row with the strands numbered one through four starting at the left of the row.

  2. Weave the fourth strand

    Start by weaving the fourth strand over the third strand just to the left of it. Weave it under the second strand and over the first strand.

  3. Weave the first strand

    Now that the first strand is just to the right of the fourth strand, weave it over the second strand and under the third strand.

  4. Repeat the steps

    Repeat these steps so that you are weaving back and forth until you have braided the length of the section of hair.

  5. Pull and loosen the hair strands

    After you have reached the end of your hair, take the three right strands in one hand and the left strand in the other. Pull the hand with the three strands up so that the loops of the braid are spread wide. Tie the end of the hair to secure the braid, then loosen and arrange the loops.