How Do You Make a Foundation?

How Do You Make a Foundation?

Make homemade mineral foundation using cornstarch or arrowroot powder and cocoa powder. When mixed properly, the two ingredients match most skin tones. A mixing bowl, measuring spoon and container are necessary to make the foundation.

  1. Gather cornstarch, arrowroot powder and cocoa

    Cornstarch, arrowroot powder and cocoa are available at most grocery and baking stores. The purest forms of high-quality organic cocoa powder are sold in health food stores. Use a cleaned and sanitized container to store the finished mineral powder.

  2. Measure the ingredients

    The foundation recipe starts with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch as the base. Add cocoa powder 1 teaspoon at a time to slowly arrive at the right tone for the skin. Test the powder on the back of your hand using a foundation brush or kabuki foundation brush. If it is too light, add more cocoa. If it is too dark, add small amounts of cornstarch, and reapply the mixture until the right color is achieved.

  3. Mix the ingredients, and store the product

    When the correct color has been achieved, place the mixture into a mineral powder foundation container or jar. Place the cap on the container, and shake gently to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Store the finished product in a cool area, away from moisture.