How Do You Make a Fleece Scarf?

How Do You Make a Fleece Scarf?

To make a fleece scarf, cut a long rectangle from a yard of fleece fabric. One yard of fabric can yield up to five scarves. Fleece does not unravel, so it does not need to be sewn, but you can cut a second rectangle to sew a thicker scarf.

  1. Cut the fleece fabric

    Cut one or two rectangles of fabric. Measure your favorite scarf to help determine the dimensions. An adult scarf can be 10 to 12 inches wide, and about 55 to 60 inches long. For a child, cut one or two rectangles that are approximately 6 inches wide and 48 inches long.

  2. Make fringed ends

    Since the ends of fleece do not unravel, you can make a simple scarf with only a rectangle of fleece fabric. To create fringe on the ends of the scarf, make 4-inch cuts every 1/2 inch on both ends of the fabric. If you like, you can knot the fringe.

  3. Sew a thicker scarf

    If the fleece fabric is thin and you want a thicker scarf, sew two rectangles together. Pin two pieces of fabric together, and sew around the edges. Leave several inches open along one of the short ends. Press the seams flat, and turn the scarf right side out. Stitch the remaining opening closed by hand.