How Do You Make Fine-Beaded Necklaces?


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Make a fine-beaded necklace by gathering jewelry-making supplies and then stringing fine beads onto a wire, crimping the ends and adding a clasp. Invest in a quality set of jewelry-making tools to make the process more enjoyable.

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The supplies needed to make a basic beaded necklace are beads, wire to string the beads, wire cutters, a bead crimper, needle-nose pliers, crimping beads and findings to join the ends of the wire together. Findings include hoops and closures, such as clasps. Beads need not be the same size or color. Select beads that coordinate well together to make visually appealing designs.

Plan the design of the necklace. If the beads are all the same, plan the length and amount of beads needed to reach that length. If the beads are different, also plan the sequence in which the beads should be strung. String the beads on the wire according to the plan, then make a loop of wire at each end, and use the bead crimper to pinch the crimping beads in place. Attach a hoop to the loop at each end of the wire, and then attach the closure to the hoops. Finish the beaded necklace by trimming off any extra wire.

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