How Do You Make a Fascinator Hat?


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A fascinator hat can be made using Sinamay, a fabric common to hat making that is easy enough for a novice to use. The other required materials include a pair of scissors, an iron, glue, pins, a needle and thread, feathers, and a headband.

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Begin by cutting an 18-inch square of Sinamay fabric, folding it in half diagonally. Create two triangles by cutting along the crease. Identifying the longest edge on one of the triangles, measuring 4 inches toward the center. Draw a line parallel to the aforementioned edge, then cut along that line. Repeat the process with the remainder of the triangle and again on the second triangle until there are four strips.

Take one strip and fold it down the center lengthwise to make a crease. Unfold and fold in both cut ends before refolding the original center crease, hiding the edges. Perform this process on each strip, pull taught, and iron until the fabric adheres to itself, holding its new shape. The two longer strips should be folded into figure-eight shapes and pinned. One short strip should be formed into an "S" and pinned to the center, and the other short strip should be coiled into a cone shape and pinned.

The two figure eights are pinned together with one strip offset to the other. Add the other two elements, pinning together at the center; first the "S" shape and finally the cone. Replace the pins with stitches using the needle and thread. Hot glue the feathers to the inside center of the cone so that the binding is hidden. Attach the fascinator to a headband using a needle and thread.

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