How Do You Make Facial Hair Softer?

Men can soften facial hair with beard oil, beard balm or conditioner. Conditioners are designed to wash out in the shower, whereas oils and balms are designed as leave-in treatments.

In some ways, facial hair care products are similar to regular hair care products. Facial hair care products can help men soften their beards, which helps keep facial hair looking tame and healthy.

To use beard conditioner, apply a facial hair conditioner in the shower and rinse it away. These products are gentler on the skin than traditional shampoo, so they do not leave the skin feeling itchy.

To use beard oil, simply work the oil into facial hair. Beard oils can help moisturize facial hair, which keeps it soft and smooth. It is especially helpful for dealing with the effects of hard water, dry air or cold climates. Oils such as jojoba, coconut or grapeseed oil can moisturize facial hair and skin without packing on a lot of grease.

Like beard oil, men can work beard balm or wax into facial hair and leave it in. Beard balms are usually made out of ingredients such as cocoa butter or shea butter, which are a little bit thicker than oils. Beard wax usually contains beeswax.