How Do You Make Fabric Sashes for a Beauty Pageant?

How Do You Make Fabric Sashes for a Beauty Pageant?

How Do You Make Fabric Sashes for a Beauty Pageant?

To make fabric sashes for a beauty pageant, sew two strips of satin together, add trim ribbon, and iron heat-transfer letters to the front of the sash. This project takes about an hour and requires sewing scissors, a sewing needle, thread, two pieces of satin fabric measuring 6 inches by 36 inches, a 72-inch trim ribbon, fabric letters, an iron and double-sided fabric adhesive.

  1. Join the satin pieces

    Lay the satin pieces end-to-end on a flat work surface with the shiny side down. Sew them together with the needle and thread.

  2. Attach the ribbon

    Place the trim ribbon along one side of the satin with the wrong side facing up. Overlap the ribbon so that half of its width is on the satin and half protrudes beyond it. Secure the ribbon with a strip of double-sided fabric adhesive.

  3. Fold and sew the sash over the ribbon

    Turn the iron to its lowest setting. Make a small fold in the long edge opposite the ribbon, and iron the fold into a sharp crease. Bring the long edges of the sash together, and sew them in place.

  4. Attach the letters

    Lay the sash right side up. Place the letters on the fabric, and adjust them until they are evenly spaced. Iron the letters into place following the manufacturer's instructions.

  5. Cut and finish the ends

    Fold the sash in half vertically, so that the letters are on the inside of the fold. Hold the ends of the sash together, and cut them diagonally. Join them with a needle and thread. Turn the sash so that the right side faces out, and iron the diagonal seam.