How Do You Make an Eyeshadow Primer?

You can make your own eye shadow primer using milk of magnesia. Aloe vera gel in its pure form also makes a great natural shadow primer.

Primer is applied to the lids of the eye to keep eye shadow intact for long periods of time. To use milk of magnesia as a primer, apply the substance to the eyelids and allow it to dry. If a white film shows up on the eyelids, wipe the excess off with a damp washcloth. This natural ingredient works as well as an eye shadow primer because it dries up excess oil on the face, which allows the eye shadow to stay on longer. Aloe vera gel is a suitable primer because it nourishes the skin, but provides a dry palette for eye shadow. To make the primer, simply apply a small amount of aloe vera gel to the eyelids with a cotton ball or fingers. Let the gel dry completely before putting eye shadow on the eyes.

Both of these ingredients can be used all over the face to moisturize the skin and clear up blemishes. A combination of liquid foundation and sunscreen or lotion can also be combined to create a primer.