How Do You Make Your Eyes Pop?


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A lash curler, eye liner, mascara and eye shadow are all used to help make the eyes pop. Each of these make up items draw attention to the eyes by outlining them and making them appear larger and brighter.

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Make up is a good tool to make eyes appear larger, or to help brighten up the eyes to make them the focus of attention. There are several tools and make up tricks used for this purpose. Women may use one or a few of these techniques to enhance their naturally beautiful eyes.

A quick way to make the eyes pop is to use a lash curler on those lashes. This tool gently crimps and curves the lashes up and outward. It can make the eyes look a lot bigger and enhance lashes within a minute.

From here, the addition of a light-colored eyeliner on the insides of the eye lids and a darker liner just below the lash line creates the illusion of larger brighter eyes. A few strokes of a volumizing mascara add a bold frame around the eyes too. Consider adding a thicker layer of mascara to the outside corners of the eyelids. Finish the look with a smoky eye shadow in one of the rich jewel tones, such as a ruby red, emerald green or sapphire blue.

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