How Do You Make Your Eyes Look Asian?

You can use certain makeup techniques to create the illusion of a different eye shape. There are also surgical options that can change the shape and appearance of a person's eyes.

For centuries, the eyes of people of Asian heritage have been referred to as ?almond shaped.? Asian people's eyes are typically perceived as smaller and more slanted than those of other ethnic groups because people with Asian ancestry typically lack the fold in their eyelids known as the epicanthic fold. There are a number of makeup techniques you can use to make your eyes appear smaller. You can apply black eyeliner to the top of your eyelids, as well as the inner and outer corners of your eyes to make them appear smaller. You can also apply dark eyeliner on your lower water line to create a similar effect. Eye shadow is another option. You can use it to disguise the fold in your eyelid. If you want more permanent results, you can get injections into your eyelids to make your epicanthic folds disappear. You can also opt for surgery, as there is a procedure that closes the inner corners of the eyes permanently to make them appear smaller.