How Do You Make Your Eyes Lighter?


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The easiest way to change lighten your eyes is to use darker makeup and clothing that contrasts with your current eye color or to buy colored contacts. More extreme methods of lightening your eyes include surgery, herbal remedies and changes in the diet.

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According to the specialists at All About Vision, there are surgeries, such as iris implants, that can be used to lighten eye color if desired, but they are dangerous and most aren't medically certified. If surgery isn't wanted, coloured contacts can be used. The safest and cheapest way to lighten your eye color, however, is to use makeup. If you use a darker mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow around your eyes, it will make your eyes appear lighter than they are. You can also use clothing that is a shade darker than your eyes as this will also make your eyes seem lighter.

There is talk that special herbal remedies and diet changes can be used to change your eye color, but none of these methods have been proven to successfully work. In fact, some of the methods that involve putting things on your eyes can actually cause damage. Before giving any of these remedies a try, make sure to consult with your doctor.

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