How Do You Make Your Eyelashes Longer and Thicker?


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Eating a healthy diet full of foods rich in vitamins A and C can help you to grow longer and thicker eyelashes, including eggs, nuts, cold-water fish, seeds, soybeans, and fruits and veggies. Additionally, avoid using fake eyelashes, as these can damage your natural lashes, and remove all eye makeup before bed to encourage lash health.

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The use of lash conditioners can also be helpful in growing and maintaining longer, thicker eyelashes. Lash conditioner, applied in much the same way as mascara, generally contains natural plant extracts to support the health of the lashes. Apply lash conditioner twice daily, including before using mascara each morning and before going to bed. When applied before mascara, the lash conditioner has the added benefit of working as a primer as well.

Some home remedies purportedly help eyelashes grow, including castor oil, vitamin E, green tea and aloe vera. Massaging your eyelids can also be helpful in growing the eyelashes, since it helps to stimulate the hair follicle and encourages lashes to grow longer.

Make sure to leave your lashes alone as much as possible. Pulling on the eyelashes when removing makeup or rubbing your eyes can pull out some of your lashes and stunt the growth of the rest of your lashes.

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