How Do You Make Your Eyelashes Grow?

make-eyelashes-grow Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

There are numerous natural, over-the-counter and prescription products for growing eyelashes longer and stronger. The eyelash growth cycle ends every two or three months for the average person, so it's important to remain consistent with any treatments to see the best results.

According to WebMD, breaking bad lash habits and replacing them with good ones is key. Applying a natural oil twice per day to your eyelashes can help them grow longer and fuller. Some great natural oils to apply to eyelashes include almond oil, vitamin E oil and castor oil. Aloe vera gel is also an excellent eyelash conditioner to apply daily. It promotes optimal eyelash growth and thickness. Brushing eyelashes with an eyelash brush can also stimulate growth. Be gentle when applying any treatment to the eyelashes to prevent breakage, and avoid handling the eyelashes roughly with heated curlers and mascara wands to preserve the eyelashes as they grow.

Many drugstores offer consumers various eyelash growth treatments over the counter, and these products are easy and safe to apply. One option is to purchase a conditioning mascara to keep your eyelashes in healthy condition or a mascara that is formulated to promote eyelash growth. If these are ineffective, visit a doctor to request a prescription for an FDA-approved eyelash growth treatment.