How Do You Make Your Eyebrows Grow?

To make your eyebrows grow, avoid waxing and plucking, grow the hair out one row at a time, exfoliate regularly and apply a brow serum formulated to promote growth. Fill in sparse areas of your eyebrows with powder while you wait.

  1. Do not pluck or wax

    Avoid the temptation to pluck or wax stray hairs as they grow. Don't thin them for one year to achieve the optimal shape.

  2. Grow them out in rows

    If you must pluck, allow the hairs that are closest to the eyebrows to grow in and pluck the rest. You can begin to grow out the next row as the first grows back into place.

  3. Exfoliate with a small brush

    Use a small brush or soft toothbrush to exfoliate the eyebrow area. Exfoliating the area stimulates growth in the hair follicles.

  4. Use a brow serum

    Apply a brow serum that includes peptides. This ingredient encourages hair growth in the follicles and reverses the results created from over-plucking.

  5. Fill in brows with a powder

    Use a pencil to draw your desired eye shape, and fill it in with a powder that matches your natural eyebrow color. This hides sparse areas while you wait for your eyebrows to grow.