How Do You Make an Elephant Hair Bracelet?

How Do You Make an Elephant Hair Bracelet?

An elephant hair bracelet is made with several strands of hair from the tail of an elephant linked together with two, four or six knots and is made by measuring the desired length of bracelet, doubled or tripled depending on how many layers are desired, and adding the knots. African Elephants are an endangered species and in some parts of the world it is illegal to own, make or sell items made from elephant's hair. The elephant hair bracelet design is similar to a sliding knot bracelet, and the elephant hair can be replaced by using other pliable materials.

It is difficult to make a bracelet with elephant hair due to the availability of legality of obtaining the hair. If legally obtained, the elephant's hair needs to be boiled and shaped while it is hot and cooled down to retain its shape. The hair should be the same thickness, color and diameter. Elephant hair bracelets can be made from other materials such as cord, leather or metal.

Follow these steps to make a sliding knot bracelet:

  1. Make the layers in the bracelet
  2. Measure the length of cord or other material to accommodate the number of layers desired. Cut the material and add beads if desired.

  3. Make the loops or knots
  4. Using the last 5 inches of cord, bend the end of the cord over itself. Loop the cord behind and around the other cord layers. Moving away from the bend, wrap the cord around the layers again. Make at least two more wrappings. Pass the cord through the center of the wrapping and pull to tighten. Repeat for the other end of the bracelet. More knots can be added to function as decoration or symbolism on the bracelet.