How Do I Make a Duct Tape Messenger Bag?

According to Instructables, a creative person can make a duct-tape messenger bag with any color roll of duct tape. The project requires a ruler, and scissors or an X-acto knife. Instructables provides 8 steps on how to create the duct-tape bag.

In step 1, measure and cut two 10-inch strips of duct tape. Place both stripes together by their sticky side. For step 2, measure and cut two new 10-inch strips of duct tape. Place the new stripes on both sides of the original strip, so that most of the sticky part hangs off the edge. Step 3, continue doing step 2 until the strips create a 10 inch by 9 1/2 inch sheet of duct tape. Trim the excess tape from the edges.

In step 4, make the bottom of the bag with a new 10-inch strip of duct tape, just as in step 1. Use step 5, to make the sides of the bag, with two 2 inch by 9 1/2 inch double-sided stripes. For step 6, follow steps 1 through 3 to create a 10 inch by 19 inch piece of duct tape fabric.

In step 7, measure and cut the duct tape for the length of the straps, and fold the sticky part over. Use step 8 to finish the duct tape bag. Tape all of the pieces together, similar to taping a cardboard box together, explains Instructables.