How Do You Make a Duct Tape Dress?

How Do You Make a Duct Tape Dress?

To make a duct tape dress, create duct tape fabric, cut the pattern and the duct tape fabric, stick the pieces together, and add finishing details. Making a duct tape dress takes half a day and requires a dress pattern, six rolls of duct tape, measuring tape and scissors. Stick-on hook-and-loop fasteners may also be necessary.

  1. Make duct tape fabric

    Cut strips of tape long enough for a pattern piece. Lay one of the pieces down on the floor with the sticky side up. Lay the next piece sticky side up with a 1-inch overlap on the first. Continue this pattern until there is enough fabric to cut out a pattern piece. Cover the sticky side with thin fabric. Make enough fabric for all the pieces.

  2. Cut the pattern pieces

    Take the measurements suggested by the pattern directions. Cut out the needed pattern pieces.

  3. Cut the duct tape fabric

    Follow the pattern instructions to cut the duct tape fabric in the same manner as traditional fabric. Before cutting, ensure the duct tape is running in the desired direction.

  4. Join the seams

    Following the pattern instructions, place the seams together. Peel 5/8-inch sections of the fabric back at the seam, and stick the pieces together. Cut out a piece of duct tape long enough to cover the entire seam. Stick this to the seam on the back.

  5. Complete the details

    If the dress pattern includes a gathered piece, bunch the duct-tape fabric together. Cut out a thin piece of tape, and wrap it over the ends to keep the gathering in place. For hems, remove 1/2-inch of fabric from the bottom, and roll the duct tape back to create an even edge. If the pattern includes a zipper, sew it on or replace it with hook-and-loop fasteners.