How to Make Dreads Lock Faster?

make-dreads-lock-faster Credit: Dreadlocks/CC-BY 2.0

Dreads will lock faster by keeping them clean and not interfering with their natural process. There is no miracle method for making them become locked.

Natural dreads are ones that are created using natural methods. People who want natural dreads should not get a perm or have any chemical process on their hair prior to obtaining dreads. They can use a rolling, locking and backcombing method to allow the dreads to come together in a natural way. People with thin or straight hair will often have a harder time getting their hair to lock. It is possible, but it will take much longer than people who have curly hair.

There are creams, gels and serums that can be applied to the dreads to make them look nicer and shinier. These products should not be used for locking the dreads faster. The use of mayonnaise, rubber cement, mud, chewing gum, honey, candle wax, glue and peanut butter will not make dreads grow faster. These products can damage the hair and can get tangled into the dreads. They are difficult to get out of the dreads and can make the hair have a foul odor when they are left in the dreads for a long period of time.