How Do You Make Dookie Braids?

How Do You Make Dookie Braids?

To make Dookie braids, also called box braids, divide the hair into four sections, clip three of them, and fill the fourth section with tiny braids from the roots to the tips. Secure the braids with rubber bands, and repeat with the remaining sections. This two-hour procedure requires rubber bands, a styling comb and hair clips.

  1. Prepare your hair

    Comb the clean, dry hair. Use the pick end of the styling comb to separate the hair into four even quadrants. Clip three of the quadrants close to the scalp.

  2. Braid the first quadrant

    Comb the unclipped hair quadrant, and use the styling comb pick to separate a tiny square section of hair along the edge of the quadrant. Comb the section, and braid it tightly from the roots to the tips. Wrap the end in a tiny elastic band. Pick up another tiny square section of hair next to the first braid, braid it, and secure it with an elastic band. Repeat this process until the entire hair quadrant is filled with tiny, symmetrical braids. Gather the braids and secure them with a hair clip.

  3. Braid the other quadrants

    Braid the other quadrants with the same technique.

  4. Remove the clips

    Remove the hair clips, and arrange the braids with your hands.