How Do You Make a Despicable Me Minion Costume?


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To make a minion costume, measure a foam pad by wrapping it around the costume wearer and measuring length from upper hips to 1.5 feet over the head. Cut 6-inch petals on the top edge, and hot glue the edges together into a dome using a helmet as a guide.

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Hot glue 5 inches of the back seam to prevent the petals from pulling apart. In the front of the cylinder, trace the mouth hole, and make it big enough for the person to see through it. Add extra foam to the bottom lip after cutting the shape. Stuff padding into the top of the dome so that it rests on the person's head and keeps the mouth hole in place during wear. Cut out holes for the arms, and spray paint the entire body in a bright yellow.

Use a large canister to make the goggles, contour the edges to the foam, and cover with silver paper. Use extra foam to cut teeth and eyes. Hot glue the eyes to the goggles and the teeth inside the mouth. Hot glue a black strap or fabric around the head, and glue the goggles over the strap. Use a circle of yellow felt fabric as a scalp, inserting black pipe cleaners for hair, and glue to the dome.

Use blue and black felt to make the overalls, buttons and Gru symbol. Hot glue the clothing to the body, and let it dry. Add a strip of Velcro to the remaining seam in back.

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