How Do You Make a Deathstroke Costume?


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To make a Deathstroke costume, apply tape over the right eye hole of a mask and paint the right side black and the left side orange. Create body armor by cutting out pieces of 8-millimeter foam floor tile and hot gluing the pieces together. Paint the pieces orange and black.

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To create an alternate version of the Deathstroke costume, apply duct tape and Modge Podge to the right eye hole of a mask and allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes. Spray paint the mask steel gray. Once the spray paint has dried, apply metallic grey paint with a sponge to the right side of the mask and metallic orange to the left side.

Cut a piece of heavy-knit elastic, measuring from the shoulder to the hip, and hot glue the ends together to form a bandoleer. Make a shoulder piece by hot gluing eight 2-by-10-inch strips of craft foam together and using a heat gun to curve the foam strips. Hot glue a strip of elastic to secure the piece to your arm. Spray paint the shoulder piece steel grey and apply the metallic orange paint with a sponge. To make arm pieces, hot glue several pieces of craft foam to arm guards and sponge paint them metallic orange.

Complete the costume with black cargo pants and tight shirt, boots and a padded vest.

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