How Do You Make Custom Employee Shirts?

To make customized employee shirts, design a company logo, decide on the type and quality of the shirts, and pick a T-shirt printing company. Additionally, before placing an order, avoid any unnecessary printing issues by reading as many customer reviews as possible.

Design a logo that uniquely represents your company, but also include symbols that have universal meanings. Invite your employees to submit their own design ideas and creations. Pick the design, or let your employees vote on it. Next, choose the colors for the logo and shirt.

When choosing shirt material, consider your employees level of work and work environment. Aim to pick material that matches your employees overall work days: if they work outside in the heat, buy shirts with cotton material, or if they work long hours inside an office, consider nylon or polyester.

Compose a long list of T-shirt printing companies. Cut the list based on your budget restrictions, and then start to investigate the least expensive companies. Read both negative and positive customer reviews to see the benefits and downfalls of each company.

Other things to consider when making customized shirts are whether to add embroidery and your employees' sizes. Additionally, send out a survey to employees before ordering the shirts, and address any employee T-shirt concerns to ensure their satisfaction with the overall results.