How Do You Make a Curly Ponytail?

How Do You Make a Curly Ponytail?

To make a curly ponytail, wash and condition the hair, apply strong gel, blow dry the hair, make a side part, wrap an elastic bungee around the hair, and apply hair spray. This one-hour procedure requires shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, heat protection spray, a blow dryer, a diffuser, a styling comb, hair spray, shine spray and an elastic bungee.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Wash and condition the hair. Squeeze out excess moisture, spray the hair liberally with heat protection spray, apply strong hair gel, distribute the gel with a comb, and blow dry the hair with a diffuser. To preserve the curls and reduce frizz, do not comb the hair during or after drying.

  2. Form the ponytail

    Use the pick end of the styling comb to make a deep side part. Gather the hair in your hands, draw it over one shoulder, and wrap a hair bungee around it. Place the bungee below and behind the ear. Connect the bungee hooks.

  3. Set the style

    Gently break up large curls with your fingers. Mist the hair with flexible-hold hair spray, applying extra product to the hair near the bungee. The best hair sprays for this style are frizz-fighting formulations that contain silicone. Give the hair spray 10 seconds to dry, then apply shine spray.