How Do You Make Curly African-American Hair Silky Straight?

The task of straightening out naturally curly hair often necessitates the use of heat and chemicals. However, it is possible to straighten your curly hair from home. You need shampoo, conditioner, a towel, a straightening product, a round bristle brush, a flatiron, a comb and some type of straightening product, such as a gel or a lotion.

  1. Prepare your hair

    Give your hair a thorough washing and conditioning before you begin any other steps of the process. Because straightening can do some damage to hair, it is important to use these gentle care products prior to straightening.

  2. Dry your hair until it is damp

    Use a towel to dry your hair until it is not completely dry, but not soaking wet, either. This can help speed up other parts of the straightening process.

  3. Apply the straightening product

    Take a small amount of your straightening product and smooth it through your hair. This can be done with a cream, a balm, a gel or even a lotion. Too much product can result in hair that is incorrectly straightened.

  4. Pull your hair straight while drying

    Brush your hair with the hairbrush so that it is pulled straight. While doing this, blow dry it gently. You can change your temperature settings throughout this process so your hair does not overheat.

  5. Finish straightening with a flatiron if necessary

    Check the appearance of your hair. If you are satisfied after the brushing process, you can stop there. However, if your hair requires further straightening, put it up into a bun so that the top and bottom portions of your hair are separated. From there, use a comb to pull it straight while moving a flatiron along it in a fluid motion. Do this to one section of hair at a time until all of your hair has been straightened.