How Do You Make Cornrows in Your Hair?


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To braid cornrows, start by wetting the hair and parting it into sections. Separate each section into three strands, and continuously pass the right and left strands under the middle one. Continue until the whole head is complete, securing each cornrow with an elastic band or hair clip.

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Before braiding, make sure the hair is free of knots by combing it through with some water or detangler. Begin by making a regular braid in the first section, passing the right and left strands under the middle one. Start to cornrow by holding the right and left strands out of the way and collecting more hair for the middle strand. Once you have three full strands again, use these to make another braid and so forth. Continue until there is no more hair to add, or you have reached the tip.

Fasten each cornrow with either a bead, barrette, clip or elastic band. Do not use rubber bands as they break off easily. Make a new section next to the first one and repeat the braiding process, making sure that all sections are equal in size. Cover your cornrows with a scarf at night to keep them intact, and wash your hair every few days using a diluted shampoo mixture.

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