How Do You Make Cornrows?


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Cornrows can be made in a way similar to traditional braids. Depending on the style desired, the direction of braiding and thickness of hair sections change.

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How Do You Make Cornrows?
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To make cornrows, create the desired size of braids by sectioning off the hair with a medium to fine-tooth comb. Isolate a row to the desired width, using bigger chunks of hair for larger cornrows. Decide upon the direction to braid depending on the anticipated design outcome.

Starting at the base of the hair row, divide a small section of hair into three parts. Hold the left section between the second and third fingers away from the pinky, while holding the middle group between the index finger and thumb of your left hand. Hold the right section between the thumb and index finger of your other hand.

Use the right index finger to pull the left piece from the left hand, bringing it under the middle piece and over the right-most piece. Use your left index finger to pull the rightmost segment as you grab more hair from the hair underneath. Continue until the entire section of hair is braided. Repeat the process with each remaining segment of hair.

Cornrow braiding originated in Africa and may have evolved as early as 500 B.C. From complex spirals and curves to a straight design, there are many styles of cornrows.

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