How Do You Make a Clutch Purse?

How Do You Make a Clutch Purse?

To make a clutch purse, cut four rectangular pattern pieces, reinforce the exterior fabric with iron-on fusible fabrics, sew the lining to the exterior fabric and then sew the clutch together. This process can take two hours or longer.

  1. Gather the materials

    You need about 1/2 yard of each of fusible fleece, exterior fabric, lining fabric and a heavyweight fusible stabilizer. Have the sewing machine, scissors, fabric pins, an iron, an ironing board and thread ready. Make sure the thread matches the material.

  2. Cut the pattern pieces

    Cut out a 10.5- by 13-inch rectangle from the fusible fleece to reinforce the thin fabric. Cut a 13- by 13.5-inch piece from the exterior fabric, the lining fabric and the heavyweight fusible stabilizer.

  3. Iron the fusible fabrics

    With the wrong-side facing up, place the exterior fabric on an ironing board. Position the fusible stabilizer on top,and use an iron to fuse the two together. Lay the fusible fleece on top of the stabilizer, then iron and fuse the fleece to the other two fabrics.

  4. Sew on the lining

    Arrange the lining and exterior fabrics so that the right sides face towards each other. Pin the fabrics together, and sew 1/2-inch seams along the two longer edges of the fabric. Turn the exterior and the lining right-side out, and iron the seams.

  5. Sew the clutch

    Matching the seams at the top, fold the fabric in half with the lining on the inside. Sew 1/4-inch seams along the raw exterior edges. Trim the seams down to 1/8 inch, and cut off the corners. Turn the clutch inside out, and complete a French seam by sewing a 1/4-inch seam along the edges. Turn the bag right-side out.

  6. Attach the metal frame

    Apply a bead of multipurpose cement glue to the metal clutch frame, and place the fabric in the metal frame. Tape the frame to the bag while the glue dries for several hours.