How Do I Make Cleopatra Eye Makeup?

How Do I Make Cleopatra Eye Makeup?

To achieve the eye makeup of Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile, create bold winged liner with a jet black eye lining marker for the basic look. Follow this with blue and gold eye shadows and lengthening mascara.

  1. Apply eye shadow

    Cleopatra is often depicted wearing eye shadows of blue, teal and gold. To achieve her look, first apply blue shadow to the entire lid of the eye. Add gold shadow to the inner eye at the tear duct and to the crease of the eye. Make sure to blend the blue and the gold together at the point where they meet in order to avoid harsh shadow lines.

  2. Add winged liner

    It is best to use a jet black felt tip eyeliner marker, or a liquid liner, as opposed to a pencil liner. The liner should be at its thinnest towards the inner corner of the eye, and the line should gradually become bolder towards the end of the lid. Once at the end, extend the liner past the lid and out to where the tail of the brow ends for a dramatic look.

  3. Add mascara to the lashes

    You would then add a jet black lengthening mascara to the eyelashes. Two to three coats of mascara is sufficient to compliment the bold winged liner.