How Do You Make a Classic One-Tier Bridal Veil?


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To make a classic one-tier bridal veil, cut a length of tulle to the desired length, round the corners, attach lace trim, and attach a hair comb. This project requires tulle, a sewing machine, nylon thread and a hair comb. You also need scissors and straight pins.

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Cut a piece of tulle to the desired length of the veil. Round two of the corners to make a half-oval shape. Pin lace trim around the sides and rounded end of the veil, but leave the straight end bare. Attach the trim using a sewing machine and nylon thread, and then remove the pins.

Thread a needle with nylon thread, gather the straight edge of the veil, and sew two parallel rows of running stitch across the gathered portion. Bunch the veil on the thread until it is about 4 inches wide, then tie off the thread, and snip the loose ends. Re-thread the needle, and sew the gathered end of the veil to a metal or plastic hair comb.

Keep the new veil beautiful by storing and caring for it properly. Hanging the veil prevents wrinkle formation, and covering it keeps it dust-free. To make a simple and effective veil cover, cut a small hole in the closed end of a white pillowcase. Clip the veil to a hanger, slide the pillowcase over the hanger, and hang the veil in a safe place.

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