How Do You Make Christmas Nail Art?

This Christmas nail art theme requires a base coat polish, gold nail polish, red nail polish, a reindeer nail stamp and a clear top coat polish. The reindeer stamp can be purchased online or at various beauty stores. This design takes from 30 to 60 minutes based on skill level.

  1. Apply a layer of base coat polish

    Paint all nails with a layer of base coat polish. Let the polish dry thoroughly.

  2. Apply gold nail polish

    Apply two layers of the gold nail polish. Make sure nails are evenly saturated with the polish. Let the polish dry thoroughly.

  3. Apply the reindeer nail stamp

    To apply the reindeer nail stamp, first apply the red nail polish to the nail stamp. Scrape off any excess nail polish with a toothpick or cotton swab. Position the stamp at the desired location on the nail and press down. The reindeer should not appear at the exact same location on every nail; the look is more interesting if it includes partial images of the reindeer on some nails and uneven spacing of the reindeer. If you make a mistake, add another layer of gold polish, let it dry, and try again. Let polish dry thoroughly.

  4. Apply top coat polish

    Apply the top coat polish. Let nails dry thoroughly.